Merendina Redefines Love in Morocco

Merendina Redefines Love in Morocco

love in Morocco

In the realm of advertising in Morocco, a campaign has captivated the attention and touched the hearts of millions of Moroccans. Merendina, the iconic Genoese cake adored by Moroccans for decades, has rolled out an innovative communication campaign that placed love in Morocco at the center of its message. This campaign, dubbed “Kheli 9elbek Ydoub” (Let Your Heart Melt), succeeded in not only promoting the product but also in sparking a conversation about the expression of love in contemporary Moroccan society.

The Campaign Story:

Merendina’s campaign unfolded through a short film featuring beloved Moroccan personalities such as Sara Perles and Saad Mouaffak. Set in a romantic backdrop of a music conservatory, the short film tells a story of budding love, accompanied by the soft voice of Dizzy Dros, revealing an unexpected facet of the artist. This story not only captivates the imagination but also conveys a profound message about the importance of expression and communication in human relationships, symbolized by the heart adorning Merendina’s packaging.

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Love as a Communication Pillar:

Merendina cleverly chose love as the cornerstone of its communication, recognizing it as a sentiment often difficult to express in Moroccan society. By highlighting this universal emotion, the brand managed to draw even closer to its target audience and foster an open dialogue on a topic once considered taboo.

Impact on Moroccan Society:

This advertising campaign didn’t just sell cakes; it sold an idea. It encouraged Moroccans to open their hearts, express their feelings, and break the barriers often surrounding the subject of love. By offering a moving short film and a captivating song, Merendina provided Moroccans with a platform to reflect on their own relationships and promote a culture of communication and emotional expression.

The Impact of Advertising Campaigns during Valentine's Day:

February 14, Valentine’s Day, is a highly symbolic time when love is celebrated worldwide. For major brands, it’s an unmissable opportunity to roll out their most creative and engaging advertising campaigns. It’s a moment when companies compete ingeniously to capture consumers’ attention and convey messages of affection, romance, and emotional connection. Whether through TV ads, street posters, social media campaigns, or special promotions, brands vie to create memorable and inspiring experiences.


In summary, Merendina’s advertising campaign was much more than a simple product promotion. It was a celebration of love in Morocco, communication, and emotional openness. By choosing to place love at the heart of its communication and using the heart logo as a central symbol, Merendina managed to touch the hearts of Moroccans and open up an important dialogue on a topic often overlooked. This campaign will undoubtedly remain one of the most memorable and impactful in the history of advertising in Morocco.

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